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Lead Testing Service, Boise

Lead Locators provides a comprehensive Lead Testing Service and Safety Evaluations for Boise, Ada County, and throughout Treasure Valley, Idaho. Lead Paint was commonly used in homes until outlawed in 1978. It is extremely important to identify contaminated homes with lead because of the serious health risks lead poses when inhaled or ingested. This can happen as a result of disturbing the lead contaminated area. Many symptoms of lead ingestion and/or inhalation mimic various common illnesses. The difference is, they just never go away. They can be minor or severe; they are often debilitating, and occasionally lethal. Fortunately, Lead Locators offer highly sophisticated testing services and has the background to recommend proper procedures to mitigate the risk if found, or certify your home lead safe.

Why Choose Lead Locators?

Lead Testing Service, Boise

• Rapid Discovery = no project delays. We provide a certificate on site upon test completion so work can begin on the spot.

• Rapid Reports Our reports provide all of the EPA required results and are presented in a clear concise manor. We will also maintain the records for the required 3-year period on our encrypted secure password protected site for no additional charge. Standardization is also done every four hours.

• Third party verification This service is best because our results are time stamped photographed and the data is unaltered. We also test Dust wipes and soil samples then send them off to a NNLAP lab for additional verification as required by the EPA.

• Value Exceeds Investment Whether we find lead or not, the savings created by our rapid non-destructive testing method will save you money, in some cases by a factor of 10X. Having the peace of mind not withstanding our professional evaluations provide comprehensive results and peace of mind. If lead is found and work is done we will return at your request for a Clearance Verification. This test, if passed will ensure that the home is free of lead dust danger. This test is an on the spot exam with immediate results and follow up lab analysis results within the week.

• Non-Destructive testing We utilize non radioactive isotope x-ray fluorescence testing which does not harm the surface of the paint. This technology also sees through the first ½ inch of material to accurately tell us what is behind the first several layers of material if necessary.

• Prompt response We are dispatched from our our offices at 27th and State St in Boise Idaho. We are available Monday through Friday 8-5 and by appointment can respond during off hours if necessary for special circumstances. Our primary response area is in the Treasure Valley however are available for any other region of the state.

• Lab accurate results Our XRF analyzer is calibrated at the factory annually and upon turning the machine on a confirmation of proper calibration is done through a series of tests with a known substance.

• Remodeling background All of our inspectors have at least 15 years in the remodeling and repair field.  This experience although not necessary brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

• Medical Background Each of our inspectors has basic emergency medical background and a clear understanding of the medical consequences of “Plumbism” lead poisoning.  We also have a Pediatric Medical Advisor on our board Dr. John Jambura a practicing Pediatrician in the Boise area.

Advisory Board members

• Dr. John Jambura
• Donna Jacobson Realtor Real-estate Appraiser

Recent News

Certified Lead Professionals
Tile is not testable by swabs however is covered by the RRP rule in an obtuse way. See our blog for more details. XRF finds it every time. We are lobbying the CPSA to have all tile labeled with appropriate precautions. If we find Lead in tile, we recommend no dry cutting and if doing demolition of leaded tile, go dustless and take proper Lead Safe Work Practices. Lead Locators is currently gathering data on tile from multiple sources for safety and helping us to promote healthy homes.


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Lead Testing Service | Boise, Idaho

Lead Locators is located in Boise, Idaho and provides Lead Paint Testing Services for Boise and throughout Ada County & Treasure Valley, Idaho, including, Eagle, Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Meridian, & Star, and throughout Idaho.